CPR Invest Smart Trends

A thematic wealth solution to participe in the main trends of the future


  • To give meaning to their investments
  • A wealth management solution capturing thematic equity alpha
  • A combined expertise of our thematic equity and asset allocation teams


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In brief

To give meaning to their investments
  • Investors are increasingly wanting to give meaning to their investments, understand them and align them with their values.
  • Two solutions are possible: thematic funds and responsible investment. Nevertheless, the associated risk to thematic equities can scare off the most discerning investors risk aversion: equity market volatility on the one hand and the identification of the best oriented themes in the short and medium term on the other hand.
A wealth management solution capturing thematic equity alpha
  • Smart Trends is a turnkey solution that mainly meets the needs of all those expectations. The fund aims to strategically benefit from the performance of thematic equity markets while diversifying the risk through a flexible multi-asset allocation.
  • The equity exposure varies between 0% - 35% and fixed income exposure between 65% - 100%. The fund was built to maintain a SRRI of 3 (on a risk scale of 1 to 7) via a maximum exposure to equities of 35% and volatility limited to 5%. In addition, the portfolio manager select investment vehicles within Amundi funds range that have a responsible approach.
A combined expertise of our thematic equity and asset allocation teams

Smart Trends combines in a unique solution our in-house know-how:  asset allocation, recognised for over 20 years via the “Croissance” range,  and the thematic equity expertise on which CPR AM is positioned, with a range that has been expanding over the past 10 years. These two asset classes have more than 17 billion of assets under management (as of June 2019).

A solution combining 3 in-house expertise

A multi-asset portfolio build through a low-risk framework

The fund’s objective is to achieve a positive return in all types of market conditions over a minimum of two years by investing in all asset classes through a discretionary and flexible management approach.

The current steering of the portfolio is based on our “probabilistic multi-scenario” model, combined with the management team’s resulting convictions. The scenarios are revised each month and the tool thus offers optimal allocation depending on the management and portfolio risk constraints. During the month, the multiasset management team tactically adjusts the positions according to the change in the market context, in order to favour the reactiveness of the portfolios in the short term.

The specificity of Smart Trends compared to a traditional diversified vehicle lies in our strong choice to strategically and exclusively rely on thematic strategies for the equity allocation. The fund invests permanently up to 35% in a selection of four to six thematic funds, managed and selected on a monthly basis by CPR AM’s thematic team, in order to always benefit from the thematic alpha. The diversified management team will then actively manage the fund’s overall market exposure (beta), to obtain an equity risk that is consistent with our investment process.

Keep an eye on

  • Risk of loss of capital.
  • No guaranteed performance.
  • Recommended investment horizon: at least 2 years
  • The selection of investments is not necessarily made up of the best-performing assets available, due to the managers’ expectations.
  • The fund is exposed mainly to counterparty risks in the event of issuer default.
  • The fund may exhibit high levels of volatility due to the composition of the portfolio or the applied management techniques, which means that the share values may be subject to major upward and downward fluctuations within a short period of time

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